Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clear 2-Piece Soap Boxes Being Discontinued

I know this will be sad news for many of our customers, but a number of our BO-Clear box types are being discontinued. As the year draws to a close, we take inventory of those items that need to be closed out or discontinued. There are many things to consider when making these decisions and it's never easy.

The 2-piece boxes take up a large amount of warehouse space and are labor intensive to pack. Not to mention there have been issues with our manufacturer concerning missing lids and bases. This means we end up with countless unmatched tops and bottoms that we can't sell. In the end, I've made the decision to no longer have these custom boxes manufactured for GoPlanetEarth.

We have already closed out the BO-8, BO-7, and BO-6 series. We have a very limited number left of the BO-9 and BO-5. We are hoping to replace the discontinued box sizes with a flat type box that ships safely and is easy for our "pickers" to count out and package.

We will continue to carry the current line of our clear flat boxes which are easy to assemble.

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