Friday, October 08, 2010

Soap Dishes: Display Your Handmade Soaps in Style

I had a chat with a couple of neighbor friends about an upcoming charity event. In the process of that conversation, they shared these beautiful handmade garden art shaped from "real" leaves casted in concrete. Of course, my soaping mind went haywire thinking of all the neat things you could do with this concept... like making handcrafted soap dishes to go with your handcrafted soap!

I meet with my friends next Tuesday and they are going to show me how to make these incredible handcrafted items. I am going to make a few that are a smaller soap dish size as well as other larger trays. What a great way to display your handcrafted soaps for the holiday season. I'm lovin' it!

I'll be sharing the "how-to". So make sure you stay posted.


abigail kestral said...

Oh My Goodness!!!!! How awesome are these!!!!! And like you I just can't wait to see how it is done!!!
Power Of Three Creations
Fallbrook, CA

soap dishes said...

i love collecting any kind of soap dish..i love the way how it looks..specially if it is so simple but elegant

soap dishes