Monday, December 06, 2010

Creating Your Own Bath & Body Labels

Last week, a customer emailed the following:

I would like to know how to find labels that are round, different shapes, etc...where do i find the paper for those? Could you toss me a few tips on how to make nicer labels? I would appreciate that!

Although GoPlanet no longer makes ready-made bath and body products, we have certainly had plenty of experience through the years. In years past, there wasn't nearly the label selection that is offered today. I have pictured a few of the labels that we have done for our annual "Girls Night Out" soaping event. The labels on the jars were created using MS Publisher. The labels were ordered through They have labels for just about everything and offer a comprehensive selection of labels that include waterproof, fun shapes and assorted colors. They also offer templates and software that you can download to create some pretty awesome labels (with little effort!).

If you are getting serious about your soaping business, I suggest that you invest in a Color Laser Printer as the ink doesn't smear and labels are resistant to light and water (to a certain degree). Here are some tips from my point of view, and I welcome any input from others:
  • Keep the label design simple and to 2-3 colors

  • Be sure to include ingredients for the product being sold

  • If you are reselling the product, you will want to have your company name and contact information on the label. I am not going to get into the details of FDA regulations for retail products in this post, but I do suggest a book that provides easy guidance about the technicalities of bath & body labeling:

  • Use a design theme that works with your company logo and design concept. Select a font type that fits your company image. If your company is fun and whimsical, then select a font type that depicts that image. Are you wanting to create a more up-scale image, then lean toward a font type that has a more classic appeal.

  • Be careful with images. I, personally, like to use fun shapes as opposed to detailed photos. That's a personal choice. As you will note with the above labels, basic shapes were my option.

  • Do your homework. Take a look at some of the bath & body labels you find online. What jumps out at you, what do you not like? Take notes and then design your label based on those assessments. It's always good to get a few opinions. Create a couple of different label designs and then ask family and friends what they like best. Afterall, these people are going to be some of your best consumers and advocates for your product.

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