Friday, December 03, 2010


Strut Your Soap Stuff is part of GoPlanetEarth's Christmas countdown (and yes, I will use the word "Christmas" instead of "Holiday" because I really have grown tired of all this politically correct rhetoric).

I recently posted on my FB page that I would showcase some of my customer's favorite holiday soaps, lotion, gels, or anything that appropriately fell into the handmade gifts category. I know that many of you are out there in cyberspace shopping for unique gifts. I will be doing random posts on what I believe to be ideal holiday gifts at affordable prices. If you are a customer of GoPlanetEarth and want a business shout out, now is the time!

Vegan Kitty shared some of her favorite handmade holiday soap slices. You can purchase these soaps at Nikole's Etsy store. The soaps showcased are scented in peppermint which is ideal for both men and women. Each bar weighs in at a generous 5 ounces.

Best yet, each bar is handmade with nothing less than 100% vegan-y goodness containing a generous amount of moisturizing Shea Butter soap along with natural, pure and moisturizing Veggie Glycerin, including added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E!

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Soap Crafter said...

These are pretty soaps!!!