Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lessons Learned from my Grand Kids... And, I Love My Daughter

When I look at pictures of my daughter at this age, I see so much of myself. She loves to wear hats, and when I was her age (with longer hair), so did I. It was my trademark. I love watching my daughter blossom into a beautiful, successful woman. She is no longer my "little girl", but has evolved into a woman, mom, and wife. Both her and my son-in-law are a handsome couple (in my opinion). The fact that they have given me 3 beautiful grand kids definitely scores points.

Having said that, I must share this morning's events about my youngest grandchild (he is 2 1/2 years old). He stayed with me last night. This morning "Poppy" was tossing him toward the ceiling and helping him do a back flip. After a few times, Poppy was done. My little guy turned to me and said, "NeeNee's turn,". I showed him my meager Popeye muscles and told him I was not strong enough. In a split second, he was running down the hall to the grand kids bedroom. He opened a drawer and took out a small jar with a lid. I kid you not, this is what he said, "I have muscles in here NeeNee." He proceeded to take the cap off the jar and tipped it toward my bicep muscles. "OK, now you are strong, NeeNee. You have muscles."

When his mommy picked him up later for pre-school, he wanted NeeNee to carry him piggy-back to the car (he was still in footed PJ's and couldn't put on his shoes). I hedged a bit and said I wasn't strong enough. He immediately replied, "Yes, NeeNee, I gave you strong muscles!"

It is my grand kids comments that keep me smiling amidst some of the "ugly" holiday attitudes experienced this time of year. Sadly, this year I'm seeing more of this ugly: hate the world, hate your company, hate your shipping, hate your service, hate my life...., than ever before. I try not to take it personal. Like my grand kids, I try to see life through the eyes of a child. Here are 5 things I have learned from my grand kids:

1) There is good in everyone if you care to look.

2) Life isn't perfect, kids never expect it. Why is it we adults do?

3) Make the best of a bad situation. Sometimes there is really no one to blame.

4) When life is ugly, watch a movie that makes you laugh.

5) We don't always get our way. This is a tough one! We so love to put the blame on someone else (or a company) even when the results are directly related to our actions or choices.

Bottom line: assume that most everyone wants the best for you. That's how my grand kids see it, and that's how I am going to move forward this holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Don't let her fool you...she has worked really hard and been a fantastic mom and neenee. We love her VERY MUCH!!

TateandLily'sMom said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful family with the Tennesseans. We had a blast...especially with our escapades on Black Friday...

Anonymous said...

Your love reaches out in such creative ways to your daughter and grandchildren. Then, like rays of sunshine, it beams out to all those you come in contact with and includes your mother. I am so proud of you --Neenee