Saturday, April 09, 2011

Bubble Wrap! Oh, What Fun...

It was a long, hectic, crazy week for all of us. On Friday afternoon we got a bit goofy. We had a delivery that included an incredible amount of "large" bubble wrap. By "large", I mean the bubbles on the wrap were BIG. We usually recycle the wrap... not today. It was an all out Bubble Wrap War to see who could pop the fastest and get the loudest bubble snaps. Yes, I am ashamed to say, this is what we were doing while packing your orders on Friday...BUT, we were still VERY attentive to processing your orders.

Kristy and Chelsea had a great time stomping on and finger crunching the wrap. It sounded like little firecrackers going off. Friday work days should have a "little" fun thrown into the mix, don't ya think?

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