Sunday, April 03, 2011

Lifestyle: Eating for Weight Loss

With age, comes weight gain. At least for most of us. Weight gain was never an issue for me until I hit those "golden years". Since my trip to Chile in early February, I have been on a mission to lose weight. But I wanted to lose weight with a "lifestyle" eating plan. Forget all those fad diets that promise the world but never deliver long-term results.

Well, my eating plan has worked. I have lost 21 pounds with hopes of losing 5 more pounds. I feel great, look great, and fit into 5 garbage bags of "skinny" clothes that I had stored in the attic. What a joy to try on all those clothes (some even had price tags on them) for a new wardrobe without spending a nickel.

I have posted a couple of my favorite EZ lunch menus. Chicken salad with apples, grapes, and cucumbers. Yummy. PLUS, the grilled pineapples with cinnamon/vanilla yogurt curbs the sweet tooth. Thanks to for her 300 under 300 cook book. It's awesome. 300 recipes under 300 calories. This chicken salad (3/4 cup) is only 285 calories. The two grilled pineapple slices with dip... just 25 calories.

I whipped up this Bean There salad for lunches this week. One cup=122 calories. Can't beat that! If you're on a slippery slope to weight loss, I encourage you to take a look at the website. My "lifestyle" eating plan includes 5 small meals a day. Almost no sugar, very lean meats and plenty of veggies. Skipping meals is a no-no for me. You can't burn fat if you aren't feeding the body.

If you are battling the bulge, don't give up! I never thought I could lose the weight. It's all about portion control and eliminating the snacking. Make it a lifestyle instead of a diet plan. I need to stay healthy for my grand kids, for myself, and for my honey-man. I still have plenty of years left in me. I want to enjoy them in "skinny" clothes :))


T.A. Helton said...

I love Hungry Girl! Receive the e-mails every morning. Have you tried some of her cupcake recipes? She posted one where you substituted by putting greek yogurt in the mix. I've gotten nothing but raves with it everytime I make them. Super moist and lower in fat and calories.

Denise said...

@T.A. I'm not a big TV watcher, so it was quite by accident that I stumbled upon Hungry Girl on the cooking channel one Saturday morning. I've been hooked ever since. I"ll give the cupcakes a try. I'm sure they are in one of her books or on the web site. I whipped up a batch of her guacomole dip using canned peas with the avocado. Awesome and very low in cals :))