Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Loaf Soap on the Fly...

This isn't the best soap making project I've done, but it was on the fly at 9 PM at night. I had to quickly test our new mango butter, goat's milk and shea butter soap base formulations. I need our lab to get these into production, but it was critical that I tested the bases before finalizing the formula.

I love my color choices for this loaf, but I was in such a rush to get to bed that I didn't take time to work through the amounts of colored base needed for each layer. Plus, I was in a hurry to pour each layer. Not a good plan and needless to say, the whole "in my mind" concept of the finished loaf didn't happen. I will be using this same color scheme in the very near future and taking MORE TIME to produce the loaf soap I really wanted.

Even though it's not the loaf slice I envisioned, the good news is all the soap bases got a thumbs up. It's a go and I've given our lab "heads-up" on moving forward with production. Hoping to have the 3 new soap bases in stock by month's end.


Jodie - From The Earth said...

I love the colours in your melt and pour. It looks good enough to eat!

The Blade Girl said...

These are amazing! I LOVE this color scheme. Very trendy and cool.