Friday, April 15, 2011

Life is Good, and Free Stuff Makes it Even Better!

It's been a looooonnnng week for me and I'm feeling like a FREE FRIDAY is in order. Yep, I'm giving away some "free" stuff to 7 lucky people. Why seven? Because there are seven days in the week and like I said this has been a loooonnnng week ;)

So what's the free stuff and how can you get it?


Place a minimum order of $25 or more (in product) through GoPlanetEarth's online shopping cart. Order must be received today AND MUST INCLUDE the following in the comment section at checkout: FREE FRIDAY FOR ME

The first seven orders we receive that have this in the comment section get the "free stuff". BTW, all orders are date stamped by the server, so there is no guessing on our part about the winners. We have already randomly assigned numbers to each "free" item. If you are the first winning order then you receive "free item #1, third order will receive "free item #3 and so on.

So what's the free stuff?


Can't promise who will get what, but these are the items I'm donating to Free Friday.

  • 2-lb. block of melt & pour soap base (I'll let you be surprised about what I pick!)

  • 4 ounce bottle of fragrance oil (hmmm... what one should I pick?)

  • Mold Market soaping apron (I do believe that one of the apron pockets holds an added surprise.... wonder what it is?)

  • Five dollars off your Free Friday order (we will apply when winner is determined)

  • Up to, but not to exceed, $10 off the shipping rate shown at checkout (UPS ground ONLY)

  • Pebble Rock Soap Mold from Mold Market ($7.75 value)

  • 2-ounce bottle of soap colorant (for use with CP or MP soap)

So there you have it! Winners will be notified by email and your first name/state will be posted on our company's FB page which, BTW, you can "like" and be notified of other coupon/free/discount offers. HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!!

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