Sunday, April 03, 2011

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Spring Fusion Loaf Soap Kit

I love the colors used in this loaf. I selected these colors based on a striped fabric I noted while picking out material for a window valance. I knew this color combo would make a great loaf soap. And guess what? It did!

Sophie Soap Chic whipped up this loaf over the weekend. Here is what you'll need to duplicate this loaf (which by the way yielded eight 5-ounce soap slices). The loaf ends were trimmed slightly to give nice straight edges.

Light Green/Dark Green:

16 ounces clear plus 10% white base added. Melt and divide in half. Color one half with lime green liquid gel color plus a few drops of neon yellow and neon green liquid gel. You will have to "eyeball" the color until the right shade is achieved.

Color the other half of melted soap with neon green liquid gel and a few drops of kelly green and lime green liquid gels. Again, you will have to work with the colors until you get the right shade. A cheese planer was used to make the soap curls. You can find this in the kitchen section of any chain discount store. NOTE: We will be stocking the cheese planers by month's end :)


16 ounces clear and 1.6 ounces white soap base colored with lavender liquid gel colorant.


16 ounce clears and 1.6 ounces white soap base colored with neon blue liquid gel colorant.


8 ounces clear colored with black oxide liquid gel colorant.

You will need the Mold Market Square Loaf and fragrance. Our bundled kit sold below includes Bamboo & Citrus (one of my MOST favorites) fragrance oils. If you need help learning how to pour soap in layers, view my tutorial on "Pouring Soap in Layers-Part 1" and "Pouring Soap in Layers-Part 2". These tutorials will provide you with the basic info needed for this loaf soap project.

TIP: When applying the soap curls to the top of the loaf make sure to pour a thin layer of clear soap base on top of the blue colored soap. Spritz the blue layer liberally with rubbing alcohol and then pour a thin (unscented) layer of clear. Immediately drop and arrange your green colored soap curls onto the clear soap layer. This will keep them in place. You can also let the blue layer of soap to set up slightly (let it form a thin soap skin) and then arrange some of the green soap curls on top. Let the blue layer set up a bit longer and the pour the clear layer of soap and apply the balance of the green curls.

Purchase Bundled Kit

Purchase this entire project in a bundled kit (you can add & remove items as needed). You may already have some of the ingredients. If so, just delete those from the bundle before making the purchase. You will have plenty of color and some leftover soap base that you can use for future soaping projects. A little bit of color goes a long way which means you can use these colors for dozens of other soaping projects.

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