Sunday, April 01, 2012

Yay, Wheat Grass is Sprouting!

At 5:30 AM I checked on my little wheat grass seedlings to see if they were making progress. Low and behold, there were root sprouts popping out from each little guy. The dirt and seeds had conceived and the birthing process had begun. Now, let's see if the conception produces some healthy green babies (and lots of them!).

I'm a goofy chick, for sure, but things like this excite me so bear with me through my wheat grass evolution of growth. Unfortunatelyy, my husband had to share that they were selling flats of wheat grass at the grocery store that were 4-5 inches in height. Leave it to a man to point out the obvious. I'm not letting it burst my bubble about green thumbing it.

I will remain positive and assume my wheat grass will outshine that of my local grocery store. Hoping to see some green by Wednesday. Stay tuned (and in my cheering section).

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I feel your excitement! I love sprouting and chewing wheatgrass daily! What a blessing!