Monday, April 02, 2012

Business Shout Out

I was delighted to find a tutorial posted on SisterStuff.blogspot on how to use GoPlanet's popsicle mold. Carrie from greenbeans craftterole was a special guest on the SisterStuff blog. A big thank you to sisters Alish and Whitney for sharing the how-to. And an even bigger thanks to Carrie for the great tutorial filled with wonderful pictures that are easy to follow.

Here is a list of ingredients needed for this project:

Back in 2008, I posted a video tutorial on making these soaps. It demonstrates   fudgesicle and raspberry drizzle soaps. The raspberry drizzle soap is poured in layers which is helpful if you want to learn how to pour in varying colors.

The link for the tutorial video is found here. I sure hope you take a moment to visit the two blog sites mentioned above. They have some really awesome craft ideas that are inspiring and unique.


soyoungi blog said...

thanks for posting this! I do wanted to see how in the world that I could take the soap out. Now I know! I can buy one from you! yay!!!! :)

Lisa said...

Where is the tutorial? I can't find it. I would LOVE to make these but can only find the ingredients. :(