Monday, April 30, 2012

Finally...the Wheatgrass Soap

Finally had a moment to work with the wheatgrass I grew at Easter. I cut back the grass last week and new sprouts are already popping up. Yippee, I am going to have a whole new crop. I dried the cut grass in the microwave on a defrost setting. If you have a "Melt" setting, use the one for butter, that will also work. Spread a handful of the cut grass onto paper towel and place in microwave. Use short bursts of heat (which is why I recommend the defrost of melt settings. You're not trying to cook the grass, just dry it.

I experimented with three different designs. The soap pictured (R) was made by pouring a small layer of clear soap into the mold. Let the layer set up for about 30-45 seconds and then place strands of the wheatgrass on top of the clear soap. Pour another very thin layer of clear soap to seal the grass in place. A second layer of white soap was then poured, followed by a layer of grass green. Chopped grass was added to the grass green pour. A final layer of white completed the bar of soap.

The soap pictured center was poured in clear layers. Random strands of wheatgrass were added to each layer. The final soap (left) started with a clear pour. I let the soap set up slightly and added chopped grass and did a thin overpour of clear soap. The balance of the mold was filled with white soap. Bamboo & Hemp fragrance was used for all the soaps. The fragrance was a perfect fit.

I leave for a short retreat in the sun at week's end. When I return, I will post a brief tutorial with pictures on how to make these soaps. I'm also working on a packaging idea to complement the grass theme.


soyoungi blog said...

would they turn brown?

Denise said...

The wheatgrass was dried in the microwave before using in the soap. This extracted any excess moisture. To date, the soaps have not exhibited signs of browning. :)


Denise, you are a Marvel to me. Thank you for posting! are you selling these somewhere?


Denise, thank you for posting this! You are amazing to me :)
are you selling these somewhere?

Denise said...

Hi Andrea! I don't sell ready-made soaps, only the supplies to make them. Every once in a while I have time to get creative. I love those moments.