Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Celebrating Easter: My Take

I gave one of my workers the templates to make this gift wrap bunny project for a special child. Tucked inside the box are all kinds of Easter goodies. I added some finishing touches to the wrapped box (but failed to take pictures). I have a call out to the honey-man hoping he can snap a few phone shots before delivering.

Oh yah! The Easter eggs are ready to hide. That will happen on Friday. We have 180 eggs and each child will receive a orange bucket to collect their finds. The Golden Eggs (there are 12 of them) are worth $5 or $3. Some colored eggs are worth coins, others can be cashed in for candy. The grand kids nanny will be scouting out the hiding places and make sure we are good to go.

Easter baskets are stuffed and ready for delivery by Peter Cottontail. Hoping it doesn't rain as our Easter event is an outdoor event. The Bunny Hop bags housing the yellow tubs will be used for a relay obstacle course race.

The wheel is ready for spinning. Once eggs are collected (kids have 20 minutes to collect eggs), they spin the wheel and cash in for candy or money. Each child gets 8 spins.We are going to put a bunny face on the center of the wheel.

Face painting and canvas painting is also on the Easter Brunch agenda. But, the biggest celebration is my faith. The Easter celebration at our church is so large (we normally host 3 Sunday services), we gather in the gym at a local high school.

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