Sunday, April 22, 2012

Camouflauge Fun

My grand son, Carson, is celebrating his ninth birthday in May. He opted to have his party at my house because..."NeeNee always plans fun stuff". I was flattered, but the event involves a camp out in the back yard along with a scavenger hunt, sack race, marshmallow toss and camp fire with popcorn. My OCD personality always makes it over the top, and I didn't disappoint. Hmmm... wonder why laundry is never done. I'm a confirmed nut case, but harmless and fun loving!

There are imprinted dog tags for each soldier. Goodie bags include binoculars, head lamps, canteens, camouflage bandannas, face paint, survival whistles..... you know, everything you need for a back yard camp out (NOT!). Geez, I even created a scavenger map that matches the layout of our backyard. It's pretty neat, in my opinion. My grandson has no concept of how much time, energy and funds have gone into planning this event, but his excitement makes it all worthwhile.

The invite is a twine lanyard with party info and camping admittance tickets secured with loose leaf book ring binders. Dinner and breakfast "Camp Grub" menus are also attached to the invite. The invitees will bring their invite/tickets to the party to cash in for prizes throughout the evening. Thankfully, there are only 4-5 boys coming to the party, otherwise, I might have to forfeit a paycheck to cover the cost.

In preparing for the party, my mind raced with soaping ideas (as usual). Next week, I will be showcasing camouflage soaps along with packaging tips. If all goes well, those soaps will be included in the goodie bags for the birthday camp out.

The Scavenger Hunt Map
 I leave for a mini-trip to Florida the first part of May (hello sunshine). Once I return, I will put together a complete birthday party packet for this Camouflage Fun party including soap instructions. I have plenty of packaging ideas racing around in my head.

The Spin to Win Camouflauge wheel will be used for dollar store prizes. Hoping for nice weather. One never knows in Michigan.

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Lois said...

Denise, you are absolutely amazing and such a wonderful NeeNee. These days will be memories someday, but how precious those memories will be.