Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My 8 Favorite Things (for the moment)

1) My flowering cherry tree in the Spring.

2) My "Red BMW Roadster". It's the only luxury item I own. I live in Michigan and can only drive it in the warm months (April- October). HURRAY, it's April and the car is out of storage.

3) Elastic waist bands. Never, in my lifetime, would I have considered this a favorite item. Comes with age, I guess.

4) Our newest workstation at (to better serve our customers!).

5) La Vieille Ferme Wine - Cotes du Ventoux Rouge. Incredible Côtes du Rhône French red at a reasonable price (around $8). Trust me on this one, my husband's in the wine biz. This wine has been around for sometime, but the value for price is incredible.

6) The TV show "House". Love that man! His sarcasm and bedside manner is great.

7) My Dad's cancer radiation treatments are done. Hopefully, it has bought him some time.

8) The song "God is God (and I am Not) by Steven Curtis Chapman. The
video on brings me to tears every time I hear it. The video is about five missionaries killed in Ecuador back in the 50's. It speaks to the heart of anyone going through a loss or questioning "why" things happen the way they do.

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