Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Create realistic human skin tones in colored soap

Cameo Girl, Calla Lily Lady, and Mother & Child molds are from the Mold Market Collection.

1) Pale: which is just a little brown oxide in a white soap base and a TINY hint of red oxide. If you've added too much red at any time (sometimes the brown oxide is quite reddish) a hint of the green oxide (chromium green) will cure that without leaving a green tone (since red and green make brown anyway).

2) Tan: Just a little more of each in the white base.

3) Dark: Use half clear and half white base for this and a little more red. The addition of the clear base wipes out any of that pasty look and gives the skin tone some depth. A bit of clear base was used in the Calla Lily soap since the mold was cut deep enough. You couldn't use any clear base with the mother & child or they'd look like ghosts.

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