Friday, April 27, 2007

Vintage Record Albums and Soap Making?

Vintage Record Album Handbag
How cool is this? Vintage and recycled!

Select from three different handbag styles. All are made from an original vintage record album. You can build your own Le'Album handbag by selecting from a large number of album labels and bag linings.

My mind starting racing as I looked at these handbags. Could I possibly find a way to package soaps using all those 33-LP record albums collecting dust in our hall closet?

I'm, still thinking on it. Should a flash of creative inspiration zap me between the eyeballs, you'll be the first to know. I'm open to suggestions.

New Site Offers Inexpensive Lye Shipments and Accurate SAP Values

After careful research and several DOT (Department of Transportation) consultations, Certified Lye has launched a website for the sale and delivery of lye (sodium hydroxide) to soap makers. The company sells high-quality food grade lye for as low as $3.00 per pound and ships the lye throughout the United States via an expedited air service. Up to 7.5 pounds of lye are delivered to customers within three (3) days for just $9.45.

Lye shipments from most suppliers require an additional $40 per shipment Hazmat fee because they do not use approved packaging materials or qualified shipping methods.

This company offers one of the most accurate saponification values on the Net, found at Includes a complete MSDS for lye, an extensive first aid area, and lists all of the general specifications for lye.

This information should prove invaluable to our CP and HP soapmakers!


Visit for all your soap making supplies.

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