Sunday, April 29, 2007

Soap Rocks that will Inspire You

I'm always awe struck by individuals with an innate ability to turn ordinary things into works of art. Todd Pink, in my opinion, is one of those incredibly conceptual individuals. Integrating an eclectic background in art, geology, cooking, gardening, and a little chemistry (thrown in for good measure) he transforms soap into an art form. It's art that touches us intimately. We appreciate its beauty by using it, and then are forced to let it go.

OK, so it took him 36 years and a bunch of soap scraps before that light bulb moment, but who cares. Just the fact he could envision (not to mention master) the whole "Soap Rock" idea is truly amazing. Go Todd!

If you want to be inspired with what you can do with soap, pay a visit to Todd's site at


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