Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Taking Stock. What's Important in Life

With the recent Viriginia Tech killings, I am once again reminded life isn't fair. Some things are just out of our control. The older I get, fateful events like this force me to take stock of what's truly important in my life. The UPS package that didn't get delivered on time now seems irrelevant in light of recent events.

So, this week I took assessment of what's important to me. Here's my list:

*****My daughter! What a wonderful child. Every moment spent with her reassures me I did at least one thing right in my lifetime. She's happily married with two children and working on her Masters in Education.

*****My Grand kids! I must find more time to play "pirates" (see above photo), dance to Veggie Tale songs, or hide from the "bad" guys (that's usually under the bedcovers) with my grandson. Or kiss the soft cheeks of my blue-eyed grand daughter, Olivia. I spend too much time with my business and not enough time with my grand kids.

*****My Dad and hero! He has end-stage prostate and bone cancer. He won't be with me too much longer.

*****TRAVEL!!!! I currently have 8 FREE airline tickets. I need a vacation, but keep postponing travel due to business. My husband has traveled the world twice over. I would love to see France (and NOT on business).

*****My honey-man! That would be my husband. An incredible man, great mentor, absolute "wine geek" cuz that's his business, and the person I will grow old with. I should let him know more often how important he is to me. We still kiss every morning and every night.

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