Monday, April 06, 2009

Are we Celebrating Christmas or Easter?

It was predicted, but no one wanted to believe it. Snow in April, and not just a few flurries. How about 8-inches and still coming down. Craazzee! This is a sign just outside my front door. It reads, "To The Bunny Trail." We'll have to get the snow blower out of storage first so we can blaze the trail. Finding the eggs might be difficult under these conditions.

And to think I just took all my Spring/Summer clothes out of storage. What was I thinking? I should have been bringing down all the Christmas stuff from the attic.

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The Glamorous WAHM said...

I am wondering the same thing! What is up with this weather? I am so ready for Spring for real! By the way I am soooooooo glad I found your blog and your Planet Earth website. I want to start making soap and I want to make the really unique soaps and could not find any instructions until I found your sites! Thank you for sharing the info. God bless!