Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hello Washington State

I'm out of the office next week (Wednesday - Sunday). I'm flying to Washington State (with my honey-man) on business and staying at a way cool B & B. I selected this B & B because they employ a local chef that prepares some pretty outstanding organic dishes using ingredients from local vendors. (Not to mention a great wine cellar!)

I just finalized dinner reservations at a couple of notable restaurants in the area. There are a number of obsure, but renowned, wineries to visit in our down time. There's nothing better than being able to mix business with pleasure, especially when my honey's career is in the wine business.

I've posted a few pics of the B & B where we're staying. It's roomy, quaint and way more romantic than a traditional hotel room. We are in the heart of town and within walking distance to everything. The only down-side is the 3 hour time difference. It's not so bad arriving, but the return trip is a bear. Trust me, I'll be less than functional next Monday.

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