Monday, April 13, 2009

Create EZ "Green" Upscale Labels for Soaps

I just love handmade paper. It lends such an organic, earthy feel to handmade soap. It's a perfect marriage: Handmade Paper... Handmade Soap. I've been preparing for a presentation at a local day spa. The company is looking to make and sell their own private label soaps. My job is to consult with them on the how-to, what-ifs and cost of making all this happen. This naked bar is made from Goat's milk soap base. Ground adzuki beans were added for texture and our house blend of Olive Asian Tapenade fragrance was used. If you haven't used this spa quality fragrance in your soap products... well, you don't know what you're missing. It's an awesome scent.

When consulting, your job is to throw out ideas. Your goal is to motivate and inspire so your client grows your "seed" ideas to fit their particular clientele or retail setting. One of my favorites, and a tried and true classic, is wrapping soap in handmade paper. The photos below are just mock-ups of what could be done in an upscale spa setting without spending big $$ on custom imprinted labels.

The above label was imprinted on handmade paper with a laser printer. If you have the extra cash to spend, include a 3/8 wide piece of grosgrain ribbon to secure the tucked ends of paper. Use an custom printed adhesive label to secure ribbon to soap bar. The pic below from Sweet Petula shows the simplistic beauty of this packaging.

For our soap, we used double-sided tape to secure the tucked ends of the Thai Birch paper. The back of the paper is imprinted with labeling information. GoPlanetEarth offers a nice selection of handmade papers that are perfect for soap bands or full wraps as shown here.


newway said...

The picture of the label on the birch paper was very nice but it would be nice to have instructions on how to do this I like to read and see how to do something. How many wraps with label you can get on a sheet of paper. Would like to have this information to go along with pictures.

Denise said...


It's difficult to give instructions on how many labels will fit as we have no idea what size molds/soap bars will be used by each customer. It's easy to do the math by taking the dimensions of your bar and dividing those into 8.5 x 11 sheets. Not sure what instructions we could give. It's pretty straight forward. We have no idea what logo or label size someone would use.

Anonymous said...

Could you start by letting us know how many labels etc. that you were able to use/do for these projects. This would help in figuring out how to adjust for what we would do.

Denise said...

Please see the earlier post I made. This is truly straight-forward. If you place your soap on a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, you can easily determine how many labels you can get from one sheet.

Cecilia said...

Hi Denise,

Great blog post! Thanks for sharing the handmade paper packaging ideas. I love it and will try it for my cold process soaps.


Betty said...

I love the papers for soap shown but is the oval label separate and then stuck onto the paper?

Denise said...

Hi Betty- I used MS Publisher to create the oval shape and then positioned text inside the label. It will take a few practice prints to get the placement right (use plain white printer paper for the practice prints). Once you have the positioning set, print on to your handmade papers.