Monday, April 20, 2009

Classic & Timeless: Melt & Pour Cameo Soap from Bunny Bubbles

Mold Market Cameo Soap Mold What a classic look and timeless design. This finished melt and pour soap was beautifully done by Terry at Bunny Bubbles and is part of the Mold Market Mold collection available from GoPlanetEarth. What a great display, Terry... good job. Learn how to create this duo-pour soap using PJ's Professional Mini Tool Kit. Cameo Soap Mold


Terry Drosdak said...


Thanks for showcasing my cameo soap! I bought the mold & the black dye from goplanetearth. The scraper tool from the kit makes this soap a breeze. My mom's favorite thing that I have made for her so far is a cameo in white & purple, with the GPE Lilac FO.


Denise said...

You did a fab job! I love showcasing what our customers can do with these molds.