Sunday, April 05, 2009

I've Got a Secret. I Know the Sex of the Easter Bunny!

Bendable Easter Duck in Melt and Pour Soap
This was a discussion I had last week with my 5, almost 6, year old grandson. He assured me that he knows (for a fact) the Easter Bunny is a girl. I'm not sure how he stumbled upon this unconfirmed truth, but in his mind it's the gospel according to "Carson" and there are no arguments to be had.

I'm wondering if this conversation had anything to do with the "pink-colored" polo shirt his mommy bought him to wear Easter Sunday. He has repeatedly voiced opposition about wearing a pink shirt (even though both his Daddy and Poppy have several pink shirts). In his mind, pink is for girls. Only his princess sister Olivia wears pink. Big boys, like himself, simply don't wear pink, purple or anything that sparkles and glitters. I'm absolutely certain that Carson's claim to a female Easter Bunny has EVERYTHING to do with the color pink.

Our entire conversation took place while making the Easter soap pictured. There were several color options for the Easter bunny, but as you can see, my little buddy picked a blue bunny for the project.

Kids are such a riot and so candid about their feelings and thoughts. If you want to hear the truth, ask a child.

In light of that conversation, here is the Easter Bunny Soap we made. It's easy to do with kids. Just follow the tutorial for our Rubber Duck Pond soaps. I substituted the bendable Easter character for the rubber duck.

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