Sunday, February 07, 2010

Annual Chilli Cook-Off on the Lake

Saturday was the annual chilli cook-off on our lake. The air was crisp and cold and the sky was a beautiful blue. The wind was a little biting at times, but tasting the 30 plus hot (and sometimes very spicy) chilli took the edge off the cold. Picture above is myself (center) and two of my long time employees.

I think the best part of the day was having my grandson on the ice with us. He had a blast sliding on the ice with all the other kids.

Here I am with my honey-man. I don't often get a whole day with him. It was fun to chat with neighbors, friends, and family. I will admit that walking back to our car was a little scary. There were some thin spots on the ice where the current was running rapid. Falling through the ice in single digit temps is my worst nightmare. It was a great day! The downside, I am sick today. Sore throat and achey, flu like symptoms. I'm going to kick back next to a blazing fire and watch the SuperBowl game.

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