Friday, February 12, 2010

No Soap this Weekend, Just Water

I strung this clothesline in my family room for the grandkids. They arrive tomorrow morning for a surprise weekend at an indoor water park. The clothesline includes new shoes, swimsuits, and outfits for each grandkid. It's their Valentine gifts from NeeNee and Poppy.

My daughter and her husband left today for a weekend getaway in the UP (upper penisula) of Michigan to snowmobile and do a wilderness trip. We were assigned the duty of watching the grandkids while they have, what they call, a romantic get-away. Staying in a cabin with a potbelly stove for heat, no electicity in the middle nowhere, with only a snowmobile, doesn't spell ROMANCE! As for me, I'll be poolside at the indoor waterpark. Heated pool, room service, and lots of lovin' from the grandkids.

Before signing off for the weekend, I want to wish you a happy Valentine's Day! Life is good when you have love in your life. May you share sweet kisses and hugs with a special someone.


soapsandsuch1 said...

What a cute idea, you guys must be the funnest grandparents!

Denise said...

We can be pretty goofy at times. You can get away with it as you get older. Thankfully, the grandkids love us in spite of our craziness. At their current age, they don't know better :)

Dana said...

You are SO very creative! I bet the kids had a blast!