Friday, February 12, 2010

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Taco Soap

It's in the works! Our taco soap is almost ready for the tub. We have just a few more ideas we need to tweek before assembling the final taco.

Trying to get the ingredients to look realistic was a challenge. We think we've done a fairly good job our first go around. The cheese looks like cheddar and I was happy with the color.

After a few sleepless nights assimilating a design plan I was able to get colors that seemed fairly realistic. I'm not sure if anyone really knows the number of hours put into a new soap design. When we post a final tutorial on our web site, you have no idea how much blood, sweat and tears may have gone into the production. When we finally get it right...there's this big soap dance that we do. I'll have to video the dance steps!

I am hoping to have the taco soap finished soon. However, it won't be this weekend. Off to have some fun with the honey-man and grandkids. That's a whole other post.

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