Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Have the Best Smelling Garbage on the Block

We've been on a pouring frenzy this week getting ready for the many upcoming soap gatherings and conferences. Each year we donate a large number of fragrance samples to fill goodie bags at these events. Even in tough economic times, GoPlanet tries to sponsor and donate to various events related to our industry. This week we poured over 600 plus fragrance samples. There was fragrance in the air and not just inside the building, but outside as well. Like in the big rolling trash bins.

The guys who pick up our trash tell us we have the best smelling garbage on the block. When pouring fragrance, sheets of paper towel are used to clean up any over-pours. The toweling is thrown into the trash along with any empty fragrance containers. It makes for very aromatic garbage. When you open the top of our trash bins you get an unexpected blast of lovely, fragrant garbage.

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