Thursday, April 08, 2010

NEW Mold Market Soap Molds Have Arrived

Mold Market just released 8 new soap mold designs and GoPlanetEarth is stocking them all. Way cool stuff! Once I return from a short Southern trip (yes, even I need to take extended weekends now and then!!), I will be working with these new molds to see what fun things can be done with them.

This two-piece doughnut mold has great potential. The options for decorating the finished soap are endless.

Can't wait to see what we can do with this soft serve ice cream cone.... hmmmm... I'm thinking about a scoop of soap frosting. It comes 4 cones to a sheet so you can easily make a full size 3-D cone.

This tiled square mold will easily accept dual color pours. Think Rubik's cube! To veiw all the new molds click here.

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Scented Candles said...

Wicked molds! looking forward to seeing the results