Thursday, April 08, 2010

Personal Life: The "RED" Table Ordeal

My honey-man and I recently purchased a new sectional sofa and Bistro Pub table/bar stools for our great room. I have been trying to add accent pieces as I find them. The main color palette in the room is chocolate brown, deep red, beige/cream colors. Here is the ordeal....

I purchased this red sofa console table which I love! My honey man thinks it's the ugliest thing he has ever seen. He has spared no words in expressing how hideous it looks. The table has a few distressed areas on the tabletop which, again, I like. What to do? That's my dilemma. Do I return the table or not?

I so wanted to have a red table to provide a nice accent color to the room. As you will see from the photos, the color compliments the wall decor and pillows.

Because my honey dislikes the red table so much, I will be returning it. I have to live with my husband way longer than the red table. In our personal life, just like our business life, we often have to pick and choose our battles. There are those times we need to take a backseat to what WE like, what WE believe is best, what WE want... and listen to the other person's opinion and view. In many ways, I am married to my customers. Sounds strange, but it's so true. Customer's opinions count and listening and being attentive to them is what forges an ongoing relationship and secures repeat business.

So, in the end, the "RED TABLE" is history in our household. It will be returned and my honey and I will jointly shop for a new sofa table.


Bella said...

I love the red table. Oh well, peace and harmony.

Denise said...

Hi Bella, thanks for the "RED TABLE" vote. I don't dare tell my honey that I blogged about it. He would take offense. But it's nice to know it's not as ugly as he believes it to be.

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise,
I happened upon your blog when doing a google image search for nose+skin. Your mom is beautiful, both before and after. I love her hair. I teach anatomy at a local community college and am a very fortunate melanoma survivor.
Thanks for sharing your mom's story and photos.
God bless!