Friday, April 09, 2010

Wine Cork Bath Mat~ I've Got Corks Up the Wazoo

My husband, Chris, is in the wine biz and has a disposition that compels him to collect all things wine related. It drives me insane. In our second garage attic are two gigantic boxes filled to the brim with wine corks. In one of the closets in our house is a box filled with cork pulls from various suppliers around the world. Why? That's a question only my man can answer. In my mind none of these objects serve any useful purpose. He insists that the wine corks will be extinct in the next decade as wineries move to screw top caps. As for the corkpulls... if wine corks become extinct, why do you need a corkpull?

In an effort to rid my attic of his cork collection, I emailed my honey the above picture on how to make this wine cork bath mat. I believe he needs a distraction from the "RED TABLE" ordeal and this just might appeal to his geeky wine persona and set his mind on a new path. Sadly, his return email stated that he had enough wine corks to make a house mat. Now, that is scarin' me! Does this mean we might have a gigantic wine cork floor rug in front of our new sofa sectional? Will he be making these "corky" things for future Christmas gifts? This could prove to be my worst nightmare. When he comes home with 400 bags of glue sticks and an automatic glue gun I will know I'm in serious trouble.


Melody said...

I saw that cork bath mat on a craft blog. I thought it was so creative. Are you going to try to make it?

So it looks like wine corks are on their way out. That's just like milk cartons that you actually have to pull open and milk bottles before it.

I noticed that companies that use glass bottles like POM tea and Gold leaf tea are now using plastic. I guess it cost too much now.

Bath Oil said...

That is such a brilliant mat! Love the innovative design

Anonymous said...

Here are some more ideas!
Your post gave me a giggle for the day!

Denise said...

Hi Dana, thanks for sharing the links. I hope it inspires someone!