Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Fourth from Annapolis

Happy Fourth Weekend. I am currently in Annapolis for a family wedding and staying in the quaint historical district. It is awesome and the weather is sunny and 80's. This is the deli where we walked to breakfast this morning. Brick streets, history on every street, and plenty of great food places and boutique type shops.

Breakfast at Chick & Ruth's included a pledge of the allegiance to our wonderful flag. At 8:30 am for the last 21 years, the owner's voice projects over a loud speaker and everyone stands to pledge our flag. This particular morning, a Vietnam Vet who served in Hanoi for 5 years (and was a prisoner of war) was applauded for his service to our country.

You've never seen anything like this diner. Every table was packed, it was greasy spoon looking, but gourmet food. Very retro, unique, and a must see for anyone visiting Annapolis. It's fun to hang with family and since the wedding we're attending is outdoors, you couldn't ask for better weather.

May each of you enjoy this weekend and the many freedoms that come with living in the USA. May liberty and justice always prevail.

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