Saturday, July 31, 2010

Making Memories: What a Day it Has Been

I love having Fridays free to enjoy family time. Sadly, we can only do this through the summer months. Once grandkids are back in school and GoPlanet's busy season kicks into high gear, we're back to working a five day week. Here are some pics of my Friday fix! My grandson, Carson, is in the white swim trunks.

Miss O, chillin' out at the splash pool. It was a perfect place to go after the zoo considering it was a steamy, muggy 80 degree day. Couldn't have asked for better weather.

Miss O and Carson taking a camel ride. My littlest grandson, Fischer was very upset he couldn't go too. He keep pointing and saying, "I go, I go, I go". It broke my heart. He wants to do everything the older kids do.

The ponies saved the day for Fischer. He got to have a pony ride with sister Olivia. My heart beamed with pride when the only person he wanted to go with him was his NeeNee.

And there they are, my grandkids, my pride and joy. I love them more than words can express. Here we're having a hand-packed picnic just before we enter the zoo. The kids played on the playground, ate PBJ sandwiches along with popcorn, and fresh fruit. It was a fabulous day, though tiring for NeeNee. My mom came along with us and the grandkids loved having their great-grandma hang with us. At 79 years old, she was a real trooper.

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