Friday, July 23, 2010

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Frightfully Fun Sophie Soaps

Fun Halloween Melt & Pour Soaps Two new flexible silicone molds arrived this week and our girl Sophie was excited to give them a try. Here are the soaps results from her test drive of the new molds. For those of you not familiar with Sophie, she is our college employee who works for us during the summer. In the Fall she will be going back to school where she is studying criminal justice. In the meantime, she works for GoPlanet filling in as needed and helping to train our two newest employees.

Sophie used Black Liquid Gel color for the pumpkin eyes, nose and mouth, and also for the skull base. The pumpkins were poured in orange oxide in clear base (front), neon bright orange liquid gel in white base (back right) and tye dye orange flower child color (left front) in clear base.

The injector tool from the Professional Tool Kit was used to fill in the skull and pumpkin facial features. If you are new to soap making, these are great molds that easily introduce you to two color soap pours using the injector tool.

I hope to work on some nifty, creative soaps this weekend to share with you next week. It's all about finding the time. I think I might actually have this weekend free for soaping fun. Crossing my fingers that it happens because that's the part of my business I love the most... making fun soaps to share with you!

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