Tuesday, July 06, 2010

More Sophie Soaps: Colorful Retro Deco Bar

Our girl Sophie has done it again. She's taken Mold Market's Retro Deco Bar and created a colorful bar of soap using our Flower Child colors. There's a bit of shimmer in every bar since the Flower Child colors contain a hint of mica.

Sophie says it's easy to do. Here's how:
  1. Melt clear soap in several microwaveable containers. How much soap you melt will depend on how many bars you plan to make. The Mold Market Retro Deco Bar has 3 cavities per sheet, so you can make three 4 ounce bars.
  2. Next add color. In this project the Flower child colors were used, but you can use any of GoPlanetEarth's colorants.
  3. Scent is optional. You can add fragrance before or after you add the color, it really doesn't matter. We suggest adding 2-3 teaspoons of fragrance per pound of soap base. You can keep it simple by first melting one pound of soap, add the fragrance, and then divide the melted soap into several pourable (micorwaveable) containers. You can then incorporate different colors into each container.
  4. To get the graduated colors, Sophie tilted the mold each time she poured and let each color set up until a thick skin formed on the surface of the soap. She then liberally sprayed that layer with rubbing alcohol, tilted the mold in a different direction and poured the next color.
  5. Continue pouring and tilting the mold until you top off the mold cavity.

It's that simple! We would love to see what colorful soaps you create using this mold. If you submit your finished soap pics, we'll post on our blog.


Wonder Turtle Soaps said...

Wow, great job, Sophie! Those soaps are gorgeous! :)

Sopie said...

Thanks Wonder Turtle! They were fun and easy to make. Hoping that it gives inspiration to others.