Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NEW Mold Market Soap Mold Designs Arriving Soon

I always get excited when new mold designs arrive. Especially, the designs from Mold Market. These are quality molds and always a great value for the dollars spent. Here is a sneek-peek at two of their new designs (they are introducing 8 new designs). GoPlanet should have them in stock within the next week.

The polka dot heart is so clean and simple and allows for multiple color pours using our injector tool from the Professional Soap Tool Kit. I can't wait to see wait fun soaps we can create with this basic design. Sometimes basic designs allow the most flexibility for creating your own unique soaps. This mold design is a first for Mold Market. It includes a preformed slot for a wooden popsicle stick which makes it ideal for both chocolate pours and soap pours. If you don't want to use the stick area, just fill the mold with soap and cut away the stick area with a kitchen knife once the soap/chocolate is released from the mold. Again, this is another mold that allows for multiple color pours.

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