Monday, July 26, 2010

These new cupcake liners arrived these week. Perfect for the upcoming Halloween season and work great with our Mold Market Original mold. Not only are these great for cupcake soaps, but look at what Kare over at Hazelbloom has done with these cupcake liners. How cool is this?

Here's what it takes:

•One string of 50 white lights (white or green cord, your choice)

•Cupcake liners in color or print of your choosing

•Phillips head screwdriver for poking the holes (I know there must be a better way, but this is how I did it, and it worked just fine).

1. First, put your lights up.

2. Place about 20 of the liners on a flat surface you don't mind poking (or on a magazine or piece of cardboard).

3. Poke the screwdriver into the middle of the cupcake liners, until it pokes all the way through. You want a hole big enough so you can slip the liner all the way over the light, but not so big the liners are going to fall off.

4. Do this with the rest of the liners.

5. Slip one liner onto each light, all the way back past the bulb to the main wire.

6. Dress it up even more with garland, if you want.

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Veronica said...

This is a cute and great idea!