Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Birthday Scooter Arrived... How Fun!!

Today my new scooter arrived. This is an early birthday gift from my husband. He actually purchased two scooters so that we could ride together and used part of his annual company bonus to help offset the cost.

The cars we own are not made for dirt roads so we rarely get to explore the unknown. There are so many trails and dirt roads in our neck of the woods and we have always been curious where they lead. Now we can explore at our leisure (and at our speed). These scooters don't exceed 30 miles per hour which is perfect for us old-timers.

We have a blue one, as shown, and a light green one. I think that the small trunk on the back will be convenient for cameras, lunches (wine bottles) and other various riding gear. We'll be using them for the first time this weekend. I'm excited. And, YES, we will be riding them with bike helmets.

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