Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Soap Molds: What's Not to Love About These Designs?

Mold Market Polka Dot Heart Soap MoldOK, these are definitely two designs that will be on my favored list. Think of the color possibilites! Black, white & red, holiday green & red, earthtone colors, golds, silvers and bronze colors.... OMG... these are awesome molds.

Mold Market Mosaic Soap MoldWe used the injector tool found in our Professional Soap Kit to fill in the mosaic squares and heart dots.

The only problem encountered when making these soaps: we were testing a new soap base and used it on a couple of the soaps. This new soap base was very, very hard and was not suitable to multiple color pours (bummer!). It set up way to fast and became brittle causing some of the dots and mosaic squares to fall off when the soap was released. Our chemist is working to reformulate the base; for now, it's not a base we will be stocking. However, when we used all of our current soap bases, they worked like a charm and all the heart dots stayed in place as did the mosaic squares.

You'll want to be sure to let the heart soaps fully set-up. Otherwise, you could lose a dot or two when releasing the soap from the mold. Also, it is best if you inject the colored dots, let them set up until nearly firm and immediately pour the base color. DO NOT pour the base color at too high of a temp or you will melt your little dots!

This is definitely an easy project for anyone new to muliple color pours.

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