Sunday, August 01, 2010

FREE Phlox Fragrance Oil to 10 Lucky Customers

For whatever reason, my Phlox flowers are doing incredibly well this year in spite of the morbid heat wave we've had here in Michigan. My garden has bloomed in all its glory and I can't tell you how wonderfully fragrant these phlox flowers have been. I'm using them as cut flowers in vases throughout my home and WOW, you simply can't ignore their fragrance.

I have never been a big fan of floral fragrances, however, this flower scent is so incredible that I've brought in a few sample bottles of Phlox soap fragrance to test. They should be here late next week. That's good news for you BECAUSE.... I am going to let you be the testers. Once we have the fragrance in stock, I am going to give away 1-ounce samples to the first 10 customers who type PHLOXFO in the comment section during checkout. Sorry, but you must use our shopping cart to be eligible. This is a FREE $3.60 product. Certainly worth the effort if you already plan to place an order with us.

Now, don't jump the gun here. You must wait until you see the Phlox fragrance posted on our web site before you can place an order to receive the FREE sample. We will have the fragrance posted on this page of our web site once it is in stock. This link will be invalid once the ten fragrance oils have been given away.
OK, now for the fine print: You must be a Face Book member of GoPlanetEarth to be eligible. What does that's mean? Well, you must visit our Face Book page and "LIKE" us. That's a former term for being a Fan. You can "LIKE" us by clicking on the like button to the right of our company name (very top of our Face Book page).

Good Luck! Hope you're one of the lucky ten.

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