Saturday, September 11, 2010

Costumes: Good Anytime of the Year

My grand kids are in love with costumes. They play dress up year round. However, this weekend was special. The Halloween costumes that I ordered online arrived yesterday. I always order them early to ensure they don't sell out and are available in their sizes (yes, I know that's anal, but that's how I am!)

They have been playing in these costumes all day, and if I had to guess... they'll be sleeping in them as well. Oh to be a kid again!

Miss O is Cinderella and was all about the tiara and wand. Oh... and let's not forget the blue neck choker. My little Fish wants to be a cowboy so the whole Woody attire was perfect. He loves the cowboy hat and the (goofy, but cute) spongy type boots that accessorize his ensemble.

And then there is Carson. As the 2nd grade big brother, he was all about something scary. His mommy and daddy are very careful about the kind of "scary" costumes he can wear. This one worked just dandy and didn't scare little brother or sister. So, that's how I spent my Friday night and Saturday morning. There was one exception. I treated myself and daughter to a pedi and mani this AM while the costume clad grand kids chased Poppy around the house. He was a real trooper.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

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