Monday, September 20, 2010

Suiting up for the Season: We want to offer you the best!

It's that time of year in Michigan.... Autumn. I'm having fun decorating my yard for the season. I know many of you are gearing up craft shows, retails sales, or holiday gift-giving. Times are tough and each of us are trying to put our best foot forward and be sure that the money we have invested in supplies reaps some kind of benefit. That could be in $$$ or in a simple thank you from someone that receives your handmade gift.

This armoured knight is displayed outside my front door. It reminds me that I need to guard against complacency and treat my customers as if they deserve wine and flowers for every order they place. After all, my customers ARE MY BUSINESS!

And the yellow clogs outside my front door? A reminder that I'm wearing the same shoes as my competitors so I need to always find ways to make my company different. I don't want to be the brown shoes... I want our company to be the yellow shoes and stand out in the crowd.

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