Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day Soaping Friends!!

Whether you're taking a break from soaping, or finally have a day to do those fun soaping projects, I hope you ENJOY THE DAY!

I'm sitting in my home office writing this post and there is a distinct smell of Fall in the air. My husband is out back burning tree branches and the smokey smell reminds me of burning leaves evoking many childhood memories. Especially memories of my Dad. It's nearly two years since his passing and September is a month that stirs up memories. I'm not sure why Fall evokes such vivid mental pictures from my past. Maybe, it's the sound of high school football, the kids returning to school, hearing the marching band practice from the nearby campus, the turning of the leaves, the crisp smell of an Autumn morning, the excitement of carving pumpkins, cutting corn stalks, or raking leaves..... it's a mystery.

Fall will always be one of my favorite seasons and Autumn in Michigan is what helps me bear the miserable, cold Winters. Labor Day marks the last hurrah of Summer for us Michiganders. My husband spent the weekend working on an outdoor fire pit. I can't wait to use it and neither can our grand kids. They are fired up (no pun intended) about camping out in the backyard, roasting marshmallows and telling camp stories. We should get plenty of use out of the fire pit through this Autumn season.

Normal business hours will resume tomorrow. If you've placed an order over the weekend, bear in mind that we are going to be slightly behind due to the extended holiday weekend.

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Pam said...

My granny used to live out where she burned her trash....that is what the smell reminds me granny.