Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Finally, the tutorial on how to use Mold Market's new 3-D soap molds. This tutorial shows you how to use the Popsicle and Oval Leaf molds. I'm in love with the Oval Leaf mold. It produces a classic soap that has a hand-milled look. PLUS... you can insert a soap rope in the pouring channel to make "soap on the rope".

Once the molds are prepped, they are good for many soap pours. All you need to do is align them, secure the two halves and pour. Each sheet mold produces one 3-D soap. You can purchase the molds at You'll find the Oval Leaf listed here and the Popsicle here. We're offering a limited 15% off introductory special on them right now; so, this would be a good time to make your purchase.
One tip when using these molds: Keep your pouring temp to around 135 to 139 degrees (Fahrenheit). A lower pouring temp will keep the soap from seeping out between the joined halves. I had no noticeable issues with soap seepage when pouring at a lower temp.

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