Thursday, March 10, 2011

Loaf Soap Fun: Melt & Pour Soap Making

OK... this is so fun, and so cool. Black and White (with some red). Soap frosting on top with some cut up soaps tossed into the mix. I love it.

A sprinkle of red glitter on top... it's good to go. We'll give you the low down on how to make this awesome loaf in the next couple of days.


Carol said...

Hi, are you sharing the recipe, or the video for this soap, March 10,2011? Thanks cj

Denise said...

@Carol I've been working on the cup of joe soap video recently. Not sure when this tutorial will be in the line up. But, yes, do plan to share tips on making this one as well :)

Dora said...

Hello from Greece, is there video for this soap? Thank you.