Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mold Market's New Easter Egg Soap Mold

Mold Market Easter Egg Soap Mold
Mold Market's new Easter egg mold is perfect for pouring multiple colors. Sophie poured these eggs with the help of our "injector" tool. The raised areas were filled in using the injector tool. Think Spring colors.... we have so many that will work for this Easter soap project. One of the colors not used, but one of my favs, is Lavender. How about some "golden" eggs. Easy enough to do with our Sparkle or Radiant Gold colorants in clear base. OMG... I can think of dozens of color combinations that would make these eggs pop.

GoPlanetEarth Easter Egg Soap Mold

Soph picked the following colors:

BTW... Sophie is home from college on Spring break. She's been working on some soaping projects that you are going to enjoy. She's also testing some product that we will share at a later date :))

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