Saturday, March 12, 2011

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Multi-Directional Loaf Project #2

What a fun, colorful Spring soap!! Multi-directional colors make this soap one of my favorites. Our Square Loaf mold was used for this soap project. Neon Bright Colors in White Soap Base: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green. We sell a six-pack of all these colors.

The secret to making this soap is to pour and tilt your loaf mold. Let the color set up and then liberally spray with rubbing alcohol (helps the next layer to adhere), and then, pour your next color while tilting the mold. You will need to prop the mold while pouring. I am sure you can find something around the home or workplace to make it work.

The biggest obstacle with this project (which, BTW, is considered a more advanced soaping technique) is making sure that you pour each color at the RIGHT time. The prior soap layer must be set up enough to accept the next color pour, but not too hard that it will refuse to accept it. That's where the rubbing alcohol is a big helper. It helps grabs and adhere to the next color pour, however, you still need to time your pouring.

Would love to see photos of your work using this pouring technique!


Soap Crafter said...

The soaps are truly colorful! Looks like a piece of mosaic art work!

Denise said...

@soapcrafter... I was very delighted with the results! Sophie did a great job for a technique that is considered a bit more advanced. She was so happy that all the layers held once released and cut. Nothing worse than spending all that time making a layered loaf and having the layers separate. Most of us have had that happen while in the learning curve.