Friday, March 25, 2011

The New Shopping Cart is Up & Running

It's been in the works for many months now and FINALLY the launch day has happened. Our new shopping cart went live late this afternoon and we've been tweaking and checking for glitches for several hours now. So far, so good. We only found one page that had not been updated with the new cart links, but that was an easy fix. Here are some upgrades that I think will benefit you over the old cart as well as some added changes on APO shipments.
  • The Paypal payment option will now happen in real-time. No more waiting for us to send you a Paypal payment request. Yippee (on my end)!!! The only reason we would need to send a payment request from here on out is if you owe additional in shipping due to dimensional weights or multiple cartons. The cart cannot factor these into the shipping calculation.

  • Real-time postal priority rates. Keep in mind, that an additional charge of $5.00 is reflected on all postal priority rates displayed through the cart. UPS is our preferred provider for domestic shipments. It takes additional time to batch postal shipments separate from UPS, prepare shipping labels, schedule pickups, and in the case of international shipments, complete international documents. For some domestic shipments, you may find that USPS returns the better rate particularly when shipping to AK, HI and PR.

  • All APO Military orders will ship postal priority mail. The post office does not offer online postage service to certain APO addresses. Postage must be purchased at the post office which means one of our staff members must hand deliver the carton to a postal station. A $7.50"hand-deliver charge" is added to the cost of shipping for this service.

  • International customers will now have postal priority shipping rates returned at checkout. You will no longer have to wait for us to email you the shipping total. There is a $5.00 international document fee added to every international order. The cart does not display this fee. It is manually added when the order is received. This is the same document fee we have been charging from the get-go.

  • We have implemented a new INSTANT REWARD program which instantly applies your qualifying discount as items are added to your cart. You start earning reward points as soon as you add $35 or more in product to your cart. The more you buy, the greater your reward discount. You can earn Instant Reward points every time you shop. Plus, Instant Reward points can be combined with other discount offers we showcase on our FaceBook page. Be sure to "Like" our FB page so that you earn even more savings when you shop.

  • We will be working on some Bundle Offers in the near future. Bundle Offers are a group of products purchased in a "bundle". For example, if we showcase a how-to project, we might put together a "bundle offer" that includes everything you need to make the project. With one click you can buy everything instead of having to shop and add, shop and add, etc.

We will continue to monitor the new shopping cart program over the course of the next few weeks to make sure all is well. Should you find an issue, kindly email to let us know. If you don't tell us, we can't fix it :) We would also appreciate your feedback on the new cart both good and bad.

OK, time to get shopping and give the new cart a try-out. To help you get started, we're offering a 10% off coupon on an order of $40 or more in product. There are a few exclusions, but for the most part it includes just about everything on our site. Excludes: Base Products, Digital Thermometer, 16 ounce Fragrance Oils and already discounted items). When checking out, use Discount Code:


Enjoy! (Discount code expires Monday, March 28, so don't delay.)

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Herb'n Development Handmades said...

I placed an order earlier, and was very thankful of the updated cart. Checkout was much smoother :-)