Saturday, March 12, 2011

Melt & Pour Soap Making: Fischer Soap Project #3

Why the name Fischer Soap? Because my 2 year old grandson's room is decorated in these colors. Our circle cut outs were used and embedded in clear soap base. Mold Market's rectangle shaped molds work great for this project (#001, #003, and #002). Colors used (in white soap base) were Bright Neon Blue and Neon Green. In clear soap base: Chocolate Brown

This is a more advanced layering project, but perfect for the person wanting to learn the basics of layering.

Here's a pic from this AM of my Little Guy. He was so envious of his sister's new "high heel" wedges and just had to try them on. My daughter and I decided that he's a cross between Mohammad Ali and Paris Hilton in this photo. Don't ya just love little people? They love to dress up and have no inhibitions. Please note, he's also wearing PJ's and toting a paci (we've got to get rid of that dog-gone paci!!!).

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